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Down from unknown reason –Multisig market, allowing fraud and weapons. In time the market owner hopes to make changes as needed to accommodate your buying experience.


can someone invite ?or tell me how can i get here?ty very much

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Perfect market

I joined a year ago..at the beginning it was no support . Now everything’s perfect, it’s up ( online ) all the time , and the guys there are very helpful . Needs to grow. Highly recommended

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We are working on making site better, more improvements, fixing issues that we had with PGP, and the password manager. Will be back. Any pending orders will either be completed or refunded. No money will be lost, if it lasts more than 2 weeks, I will double the payment on all orders under $100. So you either get paid double, or refunded double.

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Got response from support. Do NOT use characters like “{} and “<” in your password or you will not be able to login into your account.

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Unable to login

I created account yesterday, and when I was trying to login today it says invalid credentials. I was pretty sure the password was right so I created another 2 accounts ( with password copied to clipboard from registration) and it says invalid credentials too. So you cannot basically login to your account right now. Hope its just a temporary problem

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No support at all. vendors cannot list anything without it being kept on pending and no one ever verifies it, basically this market censors its users which goes against the entire purpose of these shops. I believe this site to be run by amateurs or LE. I would avoid this site and stick to reputable Markets.

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Nice simple marketplace with good potential.

I like this marketplace, it is nice and simple and has an easy to use design, as well as multisig. I do have a few suggestions though, and I’m not sure where to post them since there is no forum (that’s the first suggestion). It would be very helpful if we were able to filter marketplace items by Country Shipping from/shipping to and minimum/maximum price.

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Best bud, MDMA, and xanax plug for domestic usa. i ordered 100x Hulks and came in 2days. With 130!!! Thanks for the extra.

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Market needs to grow

Really nice marketplace, easy & simple but still feel safe. The only negative things is that i was so early so there isnt still many listings..

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