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Business from the inside out: Dropper

Who are droppers? If you need to cash an ATM card or withdraw money from a bank account you cannot do without a dropper. It is surely possible to hire a newbie, who knows nothing about responsibilities and the specificity of this activity. In this case you can pay him a penny but you can run into problems. The thing is – such droppers usually have no idea about what they are doing; they do not realize possible risks and take no precautions. Such amateurs are easily figured out and they will unlikely be able to work as a dropper after it. If you want stability you should instead find a professional dropper, who is aware of all nuances, schemes and pitfalls. But the work of professionals costs more.

An experienced dropper agreed to answer several questions and describe his job.

– Tell us, please, what the scheme is and how it works?

– Everything is quite simple. There are serious people, who have been doing this for a long time, they have got lots of lawyers and accountants, direct ties to tax authorities, banks and even protection of such power structures like for example the Centre for Combating Economic Crimes. The only thing they lack is a dropper, the one who you give cash money to directly.

– What is your workday like?

– Every workday is difficult, many people think that this is free money, but it is not true, this is a full-time job associated with greater risks. A phone call from the boss wakes you up, you are obligated to be on the meeting point in 20 minutes. A car with escorts picks you up and goes around banks to withdraw money which was deposited to your checking accounts a few hours prior. A car is parked near a bank waiting for you outside, you enter a bank, withdraw money and give it to your escorts.

– How much are you paid?

– I work at an interest rate and get less than 1%, but, you got to believe me, it is a tidy sum. When you withdraw more than 15 million a day imagine how much one can earn. For a month, it adds up to real money.

– How do bank employees treat you? And what is their reaction when you ask to give such a large sum?

– Certainly, they show surprise, ask questions about why so much and for what. Looking at me you cannot tell that I have such money. But each of them understands that I have a right to say anything or just keep silent, why I need money is not their business. Although many of them know or at least guess who I am. In these cases the most cunning employees offer to issue life insurance, in exchange the maximum withdrawal amount is increased. They benefit from us and they know it.

– How did you get to this business?

– As anyone else. I needed money. One guy found me through friends and offered a job. I agreed because I had nothing to lose.

– How long is the paperwork process?

– About 2-3 weeks, an individual enterprise and bank accounts are opened in your name. Voila! You are a legit entrepreneur. All expenses are covered by an employer, the only thing you have to do is to sign in required fields.

– Many people think that you will not last in the business for a long time. What happens next?

– Yes, you are right, you cannot work forever, not more than half a year, then all accounts are blocked and you get into a blacklist which results in inability to open an account or to take out a loan. But it does not really bother me. Work is over – it is sad. However, it is not the end of the story yet – you are offered a promotion. You get a new task: find successors. Bring a friend and get a bonus! As you might have already understood, the bonus is some % of withdrawn amount.

– Have you ever been scared?

– No, never. I always learn about a place and time of a meeting not sooner than an hour and a half. After it I am constantly supervised, moreover, I hardly keep cash in my hands – I hand over money as soon as I exit a bank.

– Have you ever been afraid of criminal prosecution?

– At first I was, now I know that it was difficult to accuse me of illegal actions. Police need a serious reason for it. Everyone knows the scheme, but no one interferes because it is used by different people.

– Have you ever thought of scamming the boss and hiding somewhere?

– It is impossible. And even if it could be done, I would definitely feel sorry for it multiple times. They would explain my mistake in radical ways.

In conclusion, I would like to add that droppers are imprisoned from time to time for different reasons. And how to regard this way of earning is up to you.


  1. Business of a dropper? i was expecting dead drops.

  2. Fantasist. Complete bullshit.

  3. 15miilion daily? cash ? i smell some bs with this story.

  4. This is absolute dogshit. This literally does not happen like this in any way, shape or form, and for newbs on the DW thinking this sounds exciting, that’s because it’s pure crap – a nice piece of short ficton

  5. $15 million dollars transfered and same day cashout….what a load of bullshit!!!

  6. Am I the only one who doesn’t understand what this is about? Whose money is this and why are they hiring someone to do this?

    What happens that banks realize who they are and they can’t “do this”?

  7. idothisshitforrealnotformaybe

    deepdotweb please step your game up. This article was weak as fuck and smells like it is completely made up. I expect shit like this from the likes of Vice. You can do so much better.

  8. In numerous countries, any transaction over $10k is reported to a central authority who look at money laundering etc.
    To suggest you can take out $15m a day, in your own name, and not raise suspicions is frankly as believable as Serena Williams not eating horse steroids for breakfast.

  9. C O M P L E T E


    What they just found this guy through a network of mutual friends?

    “Hey man you have anyone who is experienced and can open up accounts to have large sums of my money deposited to and withdrawn from? I’ll give them 1% but we are talking about $12,000,000 a day on average!”

    “Sure, my buddy Joe was just telling me how he needs more work opening up bank accounts for other people to deposit money to!” “I’ll call him right now homie!”

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