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Starting Your Black-Market Business in The Digital Era

In this day and age, businesses have leveraged the power of the internet to expand their businesses significantly. With corporate giants such as Amazon and eBay, there is no question to whether it works – it’s 2017, and nearly everybody owns at least a smartphone and a computer. But it’s not only your conventional businesses that have leveraged the insane power of the internet.

Such opportunity has arisen for drug dealers and black-market dealers to sell their goods on the deep web. Doing so allows for such entrepreneurs to do business while remaining as anonymous as possible. This is made possible thanks to the Tor Network and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Monero which are much harder to trace by law enforcement than fiat money (USD, GBP, EUR).

While I’m not telling you that it is a good idea to do illegal business on the deep web, if you want to do it we know you’ll do it anyway, so here’s my guide on getting started with your Black-Market Business in The Digital Era.

  1. Just because you’re selling illegal products doesn’t mean that everything business wise doesn’t apply. Start off by finding your USP (Unique Selling Point) – what is it that makes you better than any other vendor? You might source high quality products or have great customer support. You get the idea. Now it’s also a good time to come up with a vendor name – think long term – don’t come up with anything you’ll regret later. Make it clear and memorable. Also, be unique. If you have a similar name to somebody else nobody will find you when they search for you.

E.g. Not Ac35Id4L01Price

  1. Now it’s time to decide how you are going to sell. You’ve obviously determined that it’ll be via the deep web, but do you want to sell on a marketplace or on your own eCommerce site? If you’re starting out, I’d recommend just creating a vendor account on a market place. That way it is easier for you to build up reviews and make yourself a good reputation as a seller. You’ll also find it much easier to get visitors to your profile and listing, in which equals more money.
  2. Find a reliable marketplace that suites your needs, use this market list to help you! If you decided to sell on your own site, well then, you’ll either need to find someone to code and host it for you, or use a deep web eCommerce platform in which can sometimes be found. Despite this, it’s up to you whether to decide if you trust a 3rd party to log you and your client’s personal information.
  3. I’ll assume you know what you are selling, otherwise you wouldn’t have went looking for a guide. Using other Darknet Market listings to help you, come up with a small list of product to start selling. Research suitable titles, descriptions and prices.
  4. Make your listings stand out. Use a good camera in a room with good lighting to take quality pictures of what you’re selling. This along with a good profile description and product description will help a buyer choose you over another vendor.
  5. OPSEC – Operational Security. Whatever you do, don’t link anything on the Deep Web to your identity. Usernames, events, times and friends… should never be mentioned on the deep web or anywhere linked to your vendor account. Make sure you learn how to use PGP Encryption and put it on your profile so that customers can securely contact you. It’s also a very good idea to install the Tails OS onto a USB stick to use as a secure operating system. Use it for anything related to your black hat business – anything happens, pull It out and discard of the USB Stick. Easy.
  6. Now that you are raking in ‘thousands of dollars’ worth of Bitcoin and Monero, you’ll want to withdraw it. Do this often so that you don’t risk losing any of your funds due to bugs or market scams. Withdraw your coins and tumble them with a reputable site such as Helix Light by Grams. If you don’t do this, when you go to sell your coins, there will be a trail from the person who bought it off you, all the way to your vendor account (in theory).

That’s it for now. Hopefully this gave you a good idea on how to go about starting your own black-market business, or maybe it just gave you further insights into the black-market trade. If you want anything in particular discussed in detail in a future post, be sure to leave a comment. Stay safe. ☺s


  1. Good post but need more in-depth guide.

  2. I would like to hear about getting a good courier or the simplest mistakes you can do. How to minimize risks in wost cases etc. Still a good post!

    • Hi,

      there are a lot of much, much, much better manuals online. Read them all. Then think. Then think again. And then try to find out, which errors they have.

      I was thinking before reading the manuals, so I know what to look at. Not a single manual talks about everything; and even alltogether they miss important points. Just pick a single point – how to convert BTC to $? If your answer starts with “Oh, that is easy, you only have…” it is most likely wrong. Exchanges need your ID. And if you find something without mandantory ID – how to cash out? Putting it onto your bank account is as good as telling the police what you do.

      I might help with OPSEC.

  3. Lol you guys need everything drawed on list of paper. Some things you need to learn yourself. Nobody gonna tell you in-depth details.I bet that author of that article doesnt have anything common with selling on DeepWeb.They are doing that only for money.Learn and try yourself if you wanna be seller on DW.You guys think that best sellers on DW are writing or reading articles like this. This is for ultra dumb people.And please pick better authors becouse these types of articles are worth shit.But i get it.Everyone needs to survive ahahaha

  4. All the markets are down, so this article is useless!

  5. useless i coudn’t find any trusted vendor all SCAMS can’t get money from cc or paypal accounts where r they guys they doesn’t existed atleast to the puplic

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